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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

(All ongoing CPD news has now been moved to the blog page)
Feb 2016: Attended ethical codes and boundaries training, Finsbury Park, London

Sept 2015: Attended The Dalai Lama's uplifting talk 'Compassion - The Foundation of Well-being', The 02, London
Sept 2015: Attended an excellent refresher Professional Boundaries Course at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London
June 2015: Covering again for Hands Inc at the Homerton Hospital in the treatment of sickle-cell disease with acupuncture
May 2015: Covering for Hands inc at the Homerton Hospital in the treatment of sickle-cell disease with acupuncture
Feb 2015: Attending Global Fusion Music & Arts 
Chinese New Year celebrations, Charlton House, London
Jan 2015: Attended free screening of J. Krishnamurti's discussion 'What is communication with others?' SOAS 

Jan 2015: Joined Global Fusion Music & Arts monthly Writers Group

Dec 2014: Volunteered with Crisis at Christmas to help out over the festive period

Dec 2014: Special Sahaja Programme with gatherings from different meetings (Sat 6th @ 7:00pm) Chelsea SW3 5SY

Nov 2014: Covered clinical supervisor for The Acupuncture Academy (Monday 17th), Harley Street 
Nov 2014: Presented talk on Men's Health at Hackney Central Library with Hands Inc. (Tuesday 4th)
Oct 2014: Presenting free talk/providing taster sessions at The Union Chapel (Wednesday 8th)
Sept 2014: Covered clinical supervisor for The Acupuncture Academy (Monday 15th), Harley Street
Sept 2014: Attended Plants and Medicine Public Lecture (1st Sept). Royal College of Physicians NW1

June 2014: Cover Supervisor for Students completing Clinical Training with The Acupuncture Academy, Harley Street 

June 2014: Attended the Five Element Acupuncture Seminar/Clinic Day with Nora Franglen and Guy Caplan
April 2014: Attended Nationally run Walk Leader Training with CoolTan Arts, accredited by The Ramblers and We Are Macmillan. Cancer Support Arts
Dec 2013: Attended the Five Element Acupuncture Seminar/Clinic Day with Nora Franglen and Guy Caplan

April 2013: Attended 2nd International Symposium for Japanese Kampo Herbal Medicine, London

Jan 2013: Attended Updated First Aid Training (now covered for a further 3 years)
June 2012: Summer Clinical Five Element Acupuncture Seminar with Nora Franglen

April 2012: Commenced attending weekly Kampo CPD classes

July 2011 Mental Health First Aid Emirates Stadium, London

June 2010 - Dec 2011: Completed Kampo Apprenticeship (Japanese Herbalism)

Oct 2010: Coming Full Circle: a review of all the elements with Nora Franglen

July 2010: Seeing the Withins - 2 Day Workshop with Niki Bilton (CTA)

March 2010: The Pattern of Things Seminar with Nora Franglen (CTA)

Feb 2010: Reiki Okuden Degree Course

Sept 2009: Advanced Point Location Weekend (LIFEA)

July 2009: Reiki Shoden Degree Course

July 2009: Treating Infertility with Classical Five-Element Acupuncture (LIFEA)

2008-2009: Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Excellence Programme (LIFEA)

Dec 2007: Judy Worsley Day on CF and Oral Tradition (LIFEA)

2007: Practical Philosophy I & II

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BSc (Hons) Lic Ac. 
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