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(Nov 2015 - Flyer for International Men's Day Performance)
International Men’s Day Performance of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour'

(International Men’s Day Performance of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour')

Film Screening of Play 'All About The Boys'  (Global Fusion Music & Arts)

(Youtube film Screening of Play 'All About The Boys'


(Cast of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' written by Andrew G. Ogleby)

Trailer 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane'. As shown at Cannes Short Film Corner 2013

(Trailer 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane'. As shown at Cannes Short Film Corner 2013

Performed in Gogol's 'The Overcoat' (THE LONDON THEATRE - New Cross)

(Performed in Gogol's 'The Overcoat')


(Nov 2014: Scenes from the play 'All About the Boys' Global Fusion Music & Arts)
June 2017: Completed scenes for the short film 'Pink or Blue' with poet Hollie McNish, used to open the Saatchi & Saatchi new directors showcase in Cannes
May 2017: Read some of my poetry at the 
Global Fusion Music & Arts 'Poetry & Spoken Word Night, London facebook

May 2017: Officially accepted by Spotlight
May 2017: Attended casting for new feature film by Idris Elba, Hackney, London
May 2017: Commenced filming scenes for a sequal to an action feature film, London
May 2017: Completed writing the first draft of the script and songs for the 2017 GFMA Xmas Pantomime, London
April 2017: Took part in a World T'ai Chi event with GFMA, London
April 2017: Commenced filming scenes from a new British comedy feature film, London
April 2017: Took part in filming for episode 4 of 'It's All I Am', London
April 2017: Completed scenes from the independent film 'Pufferfish Paralysis' by Arion Mehmeti, London

March 2017: Commenced filming scenes for a new major period feature film, London

March 2017: Completed scene from the art-house film 'Hound' about the poet Francis Thompson, a Wet Paint Production, London
March 2017: Completed filming for the independent political thriller 'Philip Knight', Greenwich, London
Feb 2017: Began rehearsal for a scene in an independent feature film 'Bruises' a Fox & Chips Production, London
Feb 2017: Featured background in a bare-knuckle fighting scene for the film 'Recovery' by Camden Coats Production, London

Feb 2017: Accepted role in an exciting new art-house film about the English poet and ascetic Francis Thompson, London
Feb 2017: Played the part of a double for a main actor in a major new comedy feature film, Pinewood Studios, Shepperton
Feb 2017: Took part in an artistic film adaptation of Franz Kafka's short story 'A Hunger Artist', London wiki
Jan 2017: Played in a scene from the short independent film 'Behind Closed Doors' by Thomas Clark, London

Jan 17: Played a singles club goer in the independent film 'Kindred Spirits' by Bill Hutchens, London
Jan 2017: Commencing filming for new major feature film based on a classic children's story, North of London
Jan/Feb 2017: Recommenced filming for major new comedy feature film, Greenwich, London
Dec 2016: Taking part in run of filming for major new comedy feature film, Chatham
Dec 2016: Appearance in the film 'A United Kingdom' during scene where Prince Seretse addresses the supporting freedom fighters
Nov 2016: Completed filming for a Christmas ad being show on December 16th, Ongar Heritage Station, Epping
Nov 2016: Took part in filming for a charity video highlighting an extremely important cause, London
Nov 2016: Played various roles in new feature film, London

Oct 2016: Took part in Oxfam Campaign to stop British Bombs Fueling Yemen Crisis, London facebook
Oct 2016: On IMDb as Hands Double for Liam Neeson in The Commuter (2017) and Double for General Draven in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Oct 2016: Completed shoot for feature film, Kindred Spirit, London

Oct 2016: Completed shoot playing various roles for a major new U.S TV series about the Queen, London and Shoreham-on-Sea
Oct 2016: Completed hand double shoot for main actor in major action feature film, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath
Oct 2016: Completed theatre shoot for feature film, Camden People's Theatre, London
Sept 2016: Release of appearance in the Gabriel Bruce video 'Come All Sufferers'. Track of the Day on clashmusic youtube
Sept 2016: Attended fitting for major TV series, Elstree Film Studios, London
Sept 2016: Completed shoot as a sideline cameraman on upcoming blockbuster, Warner Bros, Leavesden
Sept 2016: Filming of the bittersweet musical comedy play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' by Andrew G. Ogleby 
Sept 2016: Attended fitting for double on upcoming feature film, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath
Sept 2016: Attended fitting for filming next week on upcoming blockbuster, Warner Bros, Leavesden

Sept 2016: Attended casting for upcoming TV film drama, Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood

Sept 2016: Promo for next performance of the WWI play 'All About the Boys' on 
Sept 2016: Appeared as a Sufferer in the upcoming music video for the single Come All Sufferers by Gabriel Bruce, London soundcloud

Sept 2016: Listed on Fantastic Beasts 

Sept 2016: Appear as a steward at the end of the first ever Sun Bets TV advert 
Sept 2016: Rehearsals commencing for November performance of 'All About the Boys' at the 
Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury 
Aug 2016: Attended a Casting Workshop with 
BDiscovered, Cardiff, Wales
Aug 2016: Played role of a football supporter in a major feature film, Upton Park, London

Aug 2016: Completed Lucazade ad shoots, London
Aug 2016: Completed BOSE ad shoot, Piccadilly Circus, London

Aug 2016: Edited filming adaptation of Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing' with Andrew G. Ogleby playing Chief Dogberry foxandchips 
Aug 2016: Completed shoot for Film4 feature film 'Animal Shadows' London
July 2016: Completed Emirates ad shoot, Wembley Stadium, London
July 2016: Completed Ladbrookes ad shoot, Twickenham, London
July 2016: Performed in final show of 7 week run of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, London

July 2016: Attended ITV studios for new game show shoot, London

July 2016: Completed promo for 2017 London World Athletics Championships, Olympic Park, London
July 2016: Completed sports ad at The Den, London

July 2016: Much Ado About Nothing promo youtube
July 2016: Script read through with GFMA for next performance of the play 'All About the Boys' at the Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury, Kent
July 2016: Link to Andrew G. Ogleby's IMDb profile on The Harry Potter Wiki page

July 2016: Trailer for the feature film 'Unreality' I appear in as a film distributor vimeo

June 2016: Review of Much Ado About Nothing The Absent Reviews
June 2016: Completed shoot as member of the press for upcoming TV drama Our Loved Boy BBC, London

June 2016: Commenced 7 week run of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' The Pack and Carriage, Central London foxandchips
June 2016: Completed F1 Gala Party shoot for Heineken, Central London 
June 2016: Choreographed Hallway Fight Scene, London vimeo
May 2016: Completed role at a gangster funeral for a IMDb credited feature film, London

May 2016: Completed Sky Sports ad as a football supporter, Arsenal Emirates Stadium, London
May 2016: Appearance as a marathon runner and spectator in Virgin Trains 'Bound for Glory' Ad youtube
May 2016: Played role of restaurant diner in the short film 'Spoon Fed' highlighting the effects of living with multiple sclerosis, London

May 2016 - Appearance in Team GB Superfan Video youtube
April 2016: Commenced rehearsals for the Shakespeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing', London
April 2016: Geriatric Rap Video where I played the part of the son 
April 2016: Played part of a politician for new TV show 'Age of the Living Dead' London 

April 2016: Completed filming of Web Video with Gold Medalist Amy Williams, promoting Team GB for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, London
April 2016: Completed filming of the short film 'Bath of Wolves', playing the victim of a wolf hammer attack, London

April 2016: In rehearsals for choreographed comedy martial arts film, London

April 2016: Completed filming of a commercial for Virgin Trains playing a marathon runner, London

April 2016: Background and combat roles in the short film 'Ground Below', Greenwich, London
April 2016: GoPro filming of choreographed Hallway Fight scene, Regent's University, London youtube

March 2016: Attended Improshews performance improvisation class, Shooters Hill, London

March 2016: Rehearsals for choreographed Hallway Fight scene, Regent's University, London youtube
March 2016: Appearance on EastEnders as punter down Bridge Street Market (21, 22 & 24/03/16) BBC, London
March 2016: Played role of doctor in the short film 'Regret', North London

March 2016: Played role of film director in the feature film 'Unreality' Ravensbourne, North Greenwich, London

March 2016: Stood in to play Carlo during rehearsals in the play 'Carlo's Cafe' by Louisa Le Marchand, GFMA, London

March 2016: Appearance in a comedy music video with Steve Whiteley, London
March 2016: Solo performance in the short film 'Procrastination' by Mahmoud Hamdy, London Film Academy, London
March 2016: Performed roles in production of Carmen at the 
Theatre Royal, Windsor
Feb 2016: Commenced role in short film 'The Fool' by Jessica Ornelas, Greenwich, London
Feb 2016: Completed action shoot for short film 'Cocaine and Cormorants' by Alexis Parrinder-Nicholls, Greenwich, London
Feb 2016: Completed shoot as a journalist with Zoya Machkina on the short film 'Upwards to Mars', The Royal Institute, London
Feb 2016: Completed 60's background shoot for the short film 'Battle of the Beaches', Dartford
Feb 2016: Played head banker in short film 'The Launderette' by Hannah Gautrey, London 

Feb 2016: Appeared in Linda Em's latest promotional music video release for her song 'Blue Girl' youtube
Jan 2016: Completed background shoot for popular TV programme, BBC, London
Jan 2016: Completed background shoot for major film production, Warner Bros, Leavesden
Jan 2016: Commenced editing the filming of the play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour', London
Jan 2016: Completed outdoor performance shoot for the short film 'The Second Draw' by Hannah McInally, London

Dec 2015: Played acting double in major franchise film,
Dec 2015: Played extras role in a promotional music video shoot, Tooting Tram & Social, London
Dec 2015: Accepted role in short psychological independent film drama, The Second Draw, London

Dec 2015: Performed verse at Eastbeats Poetry & Music evening with Jazzman John Clarke, Kingsley Hall, London
Dec 2015: Attended fitting at Warner Bros studios for extras role in upcoming blockbuster, Leavesden

Nov 2015: Played extras role in independent film exploring actual events at a lecture in 1880 discussing hysteria, London

Nov 2015: Performed play/poetry for 
International Men's Day with Global FusionMycenae House, London
Nov 2015: Played extra in the upcoming inter-racial civil rights love story 'A United Kingdom'IMDb,  London
Nov 2015: Presented some of my verse at Global Fusion Music & Arts Poetry & Jazz Night, Charlton House, London

Aug 2015: Donation made to the Samaritans from the takings of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour'
July 2015: In the play references are made to the Samaritans publication 'Men and Suicide: why it's a social issue'
July 2015: Sent script of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' to Theatre503 one of London's premiere new writing theatres
July 2015: Wrote and performed in the play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' at The London Theatre, New Cross
June 2015: Review of Gogol's 'The Overcoat' as performed in at The London Theatre, May 2015
May 2015: Written a bittersweet comedy 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' and in rehearsals for TLT's play festival
May 2015: To start rehearsals with The London Theatre for Gogol's Buster Keaton based production of The Overcoat
May 2015: In process of helping arrange the Autumn 2016 UK Tour of 'All About the Boys' with GFMA
April 2015: Youtube film screening of the play 'All about the Boys' now available (also via the GFMA website)
April 2015: Premiere film screening of the play 'All About the Boys' with GFMA Grand Saloon, Charlton House, London 
March 2015: Signed up with The London Theatre for their acting course, New Cross London
March 2015: Quote from Wilfred Owen's nephew regarding the recent WWI play (All About the Boys) about his uncle 

Feb 2015: Launch of Global Fusion Music & Arts blog showing still footage from the original WWI play 'All About the Boys'

Nov 2014: Tickets for GFMA only performance of 'About the Boys' available or on the night (Friday 14th)

Oct 2014: In rehearsals for original WWI play 'About the Boys' about the poet Wilfred Owen (to be performed next month)

Oct 2014: Trailer for Konnichiwa Brick Lane as presented at Cannes Short Film Corner 2013 (Andrew Ogleby 'Man on Bus')
Aug 2014: Offered a part in an upcoming WWI play about the poet Wilfred Owen
Konnichiwa Brick Lane was written and directed by Saera Jin, an exciting new Japanese film maker based in London, and produced by the extremely talented Sharon Rapose at Balancefilm
Pre 2014
May 2012: Played an extra in a short film by Saera Jin 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane'

Andrew G. Ogleby
BSc (Hons) Lic Ac. 
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