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In addition to the five element acupuncture offered, Japanese herbal medicine (Kampo) is also available, which helps complement and enhance overall  results. Kampo is a Japanese form of herbal medicine based upon the use of ancient tried and proven Chinese formulas, as referred to in classical texts on the subject, such as the Shang Han Lun Wellspring of Chinese Medicine (Chang Chung-Ching A.D.142-220) and the Chin Kuei Yao Lueh Prescriptions from the Golden Chamber (Han Dynasty 206 BC - 220 AD).

These formulas have been established as they take into account the beneficial effects on the whole body and not just a particular area, similar to acupuncture by 'Treating the Person not the Dis-ease'. Therefore, they are perfectly safe as a result. Furthermore, the medicine is of a very high quality and comes in a powdered form, and so is easier to take, avoiding the need to have to boil up raw herbs. The usual dosage taken being 1 level teaspoon taken with water 3 times per day.

Moreover, the formulas are often fairly pleasant tasting, containing such common ingredients as cinnamon, ginger, dates, rhubarb and licorice and so can also be taken with food. Although there is also the saying 'Good Medicine Tastes Bitter' as some formulas may have a slightly more 'distinctive' taste but pleasingly so. Other herbs used are non-animal based, and predominately all taken from the fruit/seed, flower/leaf, root/stem of trees, plants/shrubs or mushrooms/fungi. Quite a few of which probably either already grow, or can easily be grown in your garden. For example; peony flower, tree peonymagnolia, bamboo, gardenia, lily, and honeysuckle.

To assess what formula is appropriate, following the initial consultation, there will be an abdominal exam, pulse readings taken and a tongue diagnosis. After which, a corresponding formula will then be dispensed, prescribed and the person asked to report back at the next appointment. Depending upon the feedback received, the formula may then be modified or the same one prescribed again.

Kampo treats a wide-range of conditions and is extremely flexible, in that it can change depending on what is being presented. However, there is usually one or two formula's that are suited for a particular individual, which after a while, can be taken more as a preventative measure.

Kampo also combines harmoniously and complements five-element acupuncture as they both seek to put an individual’s body into balance, so it can then function in a natural way. One such example of this is surrounding fertility related issues (see why) helping a person both physically and emotionally benefit from the effect of the combined therapies.

Andrew completed his post-graduate Kampo apprenticeship diploma in Japanese Herbal Medicine, with Gretchen de Soriano
Input was also given towards the final content of the new Kampo UK website
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