five element acupuncture Nature's way of bringing you Health in Harmony

Treatment Theory

Acupuncture works through the minimal use of fine acupuncture needles shallowly inserted at specific locations throughout the body (otherwise known as acupuncture points). These points, act like a switch where Qi energy is accessed once activated by the needle. Points lie on channels or meridians, running up and down the legs, head and body, through which the energy then flows.

After being activated, the energy has the intent of promoting harmony and well-being as Qi flows to wherever it is required, bringing about the desired change, working on the levels of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Therefore, having acupuncture can also be thought of as like regularly experiencing the benefits of a good nights sleep or effects of a relaxing holiday, where the body is given space allowing it to heal itself, thus making you feel like 'yourself again' without any unpleasant side effects.


Once energy starts to flow harmoniously, this can then empower a person to begin to make more beneficial lifestyle choices for themselves. For example, the introducing, in consultation with the practitioner, a programme of healthy eating, appropiate exercise prescription and relaxation practices, such as sahaja meditation or T'ai Chi into a persons daily life. Similarly, during this time the appointments themselves will be further enhanced through the formation of a productive therapeutic partnership with the acupuncturist. All of which, then helps to further produce a positive reinforcement of the acupuncture treatment itself.

It's Good to Talk

A significant part of the treatment process involves allowing a person to talk openly, and in confidence about their presenting condition(s). This forms the basis of an initial and on-going consultation, where what is said and how it is said, forms a fundamental part of the diagnostic process upon which acupuncture treatment is then based. However, this is not the same as counselling, as the needles do the real work, but it does offer the opportunity for someone to discuss whatever is of concern to them and be heard in a safe, non-judgmental setting.
Quite often this develops to include just everyday issues and provides a person with a way of simply expressing themselves, where they may not normally be able to. So providing a way of offloading from having been listened to. And as a result, the process of doing so and feeling like they've been heard, can then prove a very powerful therapeutic tool.

Prevention Better than Cure

When a person’s energy starts to feel in balance, acupuncture then becomes a matter of prevention rather than cure received in order to remain well, aimed at making adjustments as a kind of maintenance during each clinic visit.

This is especially of benefit during the change of seasons (related to each of the elements) and to harness the energy present during certain times of year with special relevance to each person.

Long Term

Overall, acupuncture can therefore go on indefinitely assisting with helping smooth out the natural ups and downs experienced throughout life. With special relevance for the use of this ancient form of Chinese Medicine being ironically to help combat the ever growing demands of modern living

five element acupuncture aims to restore whatever is presented, no matter how big or small...

Andrew G. Ogleby
BSc (Hons) Lic Ac. PGDip. Kampo